Mobile Access

PT. eMPATIX is a leading company delivering On Demand office application for Mobile Phones, PDA and Computers connected to Internet.

All eMPATIX modules can be used from a Mobile Phone. When you log in, the server recognize if you are using a computer or a "Small Screen Device". If using a standard mobile phone, the systems display specific menus tailored for use on Mobile Phone.

Please read more about: eMPATIX Modules

Each page is customized for displaying and use on a small screen. We take away functionality we do not believe are needed and make the interface as plain as possible. This ensure that the page size is small (low kB), then it works fast even on "slow GPRS" connection.

eMPATIX works without installing any software, use the standard browser on your Mobile Phone, PDA or Computer.

Read more about how eMPATIX works: About the Software 

Empatix Mobile access